We do not have regular hours. The sign above will tell you if we are open or closed right now. 

We make pizza when the urge strikes. It happens most frequently on Fridays and Saturdays around 6 PM. The urge is also likely on Sundays when there’s a football game featuring the local gang of 11 that poses as a football team. And, we may be open other days and other times – who knows when pizza urge will strike. Sorry if we ain’t making pizza when you’re jonesing for a pie. But Vendetta is about breaking the rules and it is about lifestyle choices. As much as we love making great pie, we also love the freedom to take a day off. It helps us recharge and make even better pizzas. I know you understand.

If you would like to be notified via text when we open, click on ‘register’ button and provide some basic contact info.


Delivery Area

Lake Road to Westwood

Bradley Road to Clague Road


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